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Weight loss: temperament of the whole person changes very obviously

For the first time there was an obvious collarbone
From 160 pounds to 110 pounds, in fact, the temperament of the whole person changes very obviously

After I went to college, I started to get fat. I often order takeout and eat fried chicken hot pot with my roommate.

Until my confession was rejected, my girlfriend kindly reminded me to lose weight

I really made up my mind to lose weight

So it’s very extreme. I don’t eat rice for two months. I only eat fruit every night. I’ve lost weight for two months.

But soon I won’t come to my aunt, not only that month did not come, but I did not come for the next two months. I told my mother that she always hinted that I had done something like that…

So I went to see a doctor to see an old Chinese medicine doctor. The old Chinese medicine doctor said that I have an endocrine disorder

At that time, I was really scared. My aunt, who didn’t come for a few months, had to resume her diet. The key is to start to gain weight after recovery.

This is my dieting experience, don’t try it

As long as I have a way to lose weight, I don’t take medicine. I can only say that I try not to have any side effects. After all, I have been losing weight for so long. My body is not good.

The first time I bought a weight loss product on my own blood, I didn’t know if it was useful

I weigh myself every day. In the first half of the month, I basically fell off the scale every day.

Until one day i wear shorts

My roommate said that I lost weight

I only cared about the numbers on the scale before. I didn’t expect to look really thin.

I ate weight loss products for another month, and recently maintained it at around 110 pounds, but I still feel a little meat on my legs.

In fact, I was a little bit afraid during the period. Although my younger sister who sold me said that it was very healthy and safe, but my body became worse because of dieting after all.

I’ve also done a physical examination, hormone examination, and I’m afraid of problems

I’m lucky to have lost a lot of weight loss

Get down quickly! It feels really cool to lose weight

Whether you like it or not, first of all, you like yourself very much. Slimming can really bring you confidence!

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