30ML Tea Tree Essence Oil


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Brand new 100% high quality
Gender: Female
Shelf life: 3 years
Net weight: 30ml
Skin type: All skin types

1. Natural plant ingredients, effective moisturizing, shrink pores, refreshing and not greasy.
2. Sodium hyaluronate extract, gentle care, make the skin delicate and smooth.
3. Replenish the moisture required by the skin, lock the moisture deep, and make the skin shiny and moist.
4. Moisturizing and hydrating, moisturizing the skin, reducing dark and thick skin impurities.
5. Promote skin activity, improve skin elasticity, tighten skin and smooth fine lines.
6. Improve skin dullness, prevent oxidation, brighten skin tone, lighten spots and freckles, nourish skin deeply.

Package Included:
1 x Essential oil

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Compound Essential Oil

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Essential Oil


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