57-96-5 ,Sulfinpyrazone ,active API chemical, Pharmaceutical level, supplier from China, buy now

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57-96-5 ,Sulfinpyrazone ,active API chemical, Pharmaceutical level, supplier from China

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This is a pharmaceutical level API chemical. Supplying from China. Please talk to us before purchasing to confirm stock and delivery time. Thank you.

SSB1 Nitrate

Sulfinpyrazone is a phenylbutazone derivative with uricosuric and antithrombotic properties. Sulfinpyrazone competitively inhibits reabsorption of urate at the proximal renal tubule in the kidney. This agent acts on the organic anion transport exchanger, thereby increasing uric acid excretion and decreasing serum uric acid levels resulting in the prevention of urate deposition. Sulfinpyrazone also blocks tubular excretion of various acidic drugs, resulting in increased serum concentration of the drugs. In addition, sulfinpyrazone and its active metabolite inhibit the synthesis of thromboxane A2, by competitively inhibiting the activity of cyclooxygenase, thereby preventing platelet aggregation through restoration of platelet survival time to normal, and decreasing platelet adhesiveness to subendothelial cells.


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