LEOZOE Tea Tree Essential Oil Certificate Of Origin Australia 10ML

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Kind:Tea Tree Essential Oil

Country Of Origin :Australia, Zimbabwe

Precaution For Use : Please Stay Away From Children

Capacity:10ML,B Set


Effect:Eliminate Acne, Sterilization, Promote Wound Healing, Anti Infection

About Tea Tree (LEO-ZOE)

Tea Tree Oil Is Native To Australia. Similar Evergreen Small Trees And Cypress. Even If The Cut Off The Trunk Also

Continued To Grow, After Two Years Can Be Cut Again, Very Tenacious Vitality. The Use Of This Number Of Ancient

Aboriginal Australians To Treat Infections And Trauma, Is A Very Good Panacea. The Aboriginal People Also Leaves For

Tea, And Now Has A Name, But In Fact Is MteaM And Unrelated Myrtaceous Plants. This Oil Has A Strong Bactericidal

Antibacterial Ability,But Also Can Improve The Immune Ability, Is One Of The Most Commonly Used Together With

Essential Oil Of Lavender Essential Oil. During The Second World War, The French Doctors Use It To Treat The

Wounded, Since Then The Popularity Of Tea Tree Oil Began To Ascend. In Recent Years, The Effective Aroma

Components Of Tea Tree Oil Is Also Used For The Treatment Of Pollen Allergy, I Believe That With The Deepening Of

The Study, It Will Have More Applications In The Field Of Medicine.

1.Scientific Name

Melaleuca Altemifolia



3.Country Of Origin

Australia, Zimbabwe

4.Extract Method

Water Vapor Distillation For Leaves

5.Odor Characteristics

A Light, Cool Scent



7.Flavor Intensity


Main Features

The Role Of Mood Heal The Wounded Heart, Restore The Spirit.

The Role Of The Body Relieve Respiratory Disease And Inflammation.Prevention Of Infection.

The Role Of The Skin To Alleviate The Inflammation Caused By Bums And Sunburn.

Helps To Cure Acne, Mosquito Bites, Scratches, Etc.

Usage Method

Use As A Trauma Ointment.


Enhancement Of Cardiac Function, Expectorant,Antiviral, Anti Infection, Sterilization, Kill Fungi,

Insects, Sensory Function, Excessive Sweating,Mucus Treatment And Promote Wound Healing

Suitable Essential Oils

Orange Oil, Cypress Oil, Orange Oil, Eucalyptus Oil,

Lavender Oil, Lemon Oil, Rosewood Essential Oil

Precautions For Use

Strong Skin Irritation, Need To Pay Attention To The Use Of.

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Additional information

Item Type

Essential Oil

Certificate Number


Model Number


Brand Name


Essential Oil Type

Pure Essential Oil

Country/Region of Manufacture



Tea tree essential oil

Scientific name

Melaleuca altemifolia

Country of origin


Cosmetics feature

100% natural plant extracts

Suitable skin

All skin


Eliminate acne, sterilization, promote wound healing, anti infection,

Production date:

Please check the seal on the bottle cap

Capacity standard

10ML 30ML 100ML


spa, massage, aromatherapy


Outer packing aluminum box + inner packing glass bottle


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