Oil for mehendi golecha, 6 ml


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Oil for mehendi golecha

Oil for mehendi golecha-This is a unique mixture of high-quality essential oils that allow you to achieve deep and attractive shades of natural colors of mehendi. Components of oil complex prepare the skin for mehendi: soften, slightly expand pores, has a decontamination effect. Light and spicy aroma will make the process of applying henna even more pleasant.

Application methods:
1. A thin layer evenly apply the oil to the skin in the place where you are going to draw henna (mehendi). Use a cotton swab or cotton pad.
2. to fix the pattern, apply another thin layer of oil over the fresh pattern. This will increase the brightness of the picture and allow it to stay on the skin longer.
3. can be used as one of the components in self-preparation paste from henna.
4. leave to dry the henna paste until completely dry (from 1 hour). After that, dried scales henna can be removed with your hands.

-Эвкалиптовое oil;
-Clove oil

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