Vicky&winson Tea tree essential oil 10ml

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Main effect
Psychological effect
So that the mind fresh, revitalize, especially for the frightened situation.
Aroma: Elegant tea tree can enhance the vitality of the heart, beneficial physical and mental, so fresh mind, to restore vitality.
Physical effect
The most important use of tea is to help the immune system to resist infectious diseases, instigating white blood cells to form protective lines to fight against invasive organisms and to shorten the time of illness for potent antimicrobial oils.
Skin effect
Excellent purification effect, improve the wound infection of the pus phenomenon, and boils. Remove varicella and herpes zoster caused by acne and unclean parts. Can be applied to burns, sores, sunburn, ringworm, warts, ringworm, herpes and Hong Kong feet, scalp dry and dandruff.

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Pure Essential Oil


Tea tree

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Essential Oil


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