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Which pharmacy management software is best for your drugstore?

With the development of Internet technology, pharmacy software has experienced the migration to meet diversified demands. At the very begining, it worked for satisfying the most basic invoicing and inventory, and now must cope with one-click database, membership marketing, intelligent procurement, remote management, and multiple system docking. Simple software could no longer meet the needs of modern pharmacies, and it is necessary to choose more intelligent and constantly updated software to meet the requirements from business and government monitoring. delivers a summary on what conditions need to be met for modern pharmacy management software.

Satisfy the most basic inventory management

Regardless of whether you are an independent pharmacy or a chain pharmacy, basic inventory management is the root of pharmacy management software. One-key library, one-click ordering, one-key printing, etc. are all basic functions of pharmacy management software to handle in and out of products.

The software should be able to do: reporting, storage, sales, price adjustment, inventory and other management functions.

Comply with the latest GSP management standards, easily responding to unannounced Inspection

Only when the pharmacy software is continuously updated and updated to meet the latest GSP management standards, can problems be discovered and resolved in a timely manner during operation, and the sudden, independent and efficient unannounced inspections from the regulatory department can be easily coped with, because the software provides timely access to relevant pharmacy management data and information to ensure the legality of the management of medicines and improve the standardization of pharmacy management.

Simple interface and simple operation

For pharmacies, whether a new software can be used quickly and efficiently in business environemnt depends on firstly whether its interface is simple, whether it is easy to operate.

Intelligent management function

A pharmacy software with intelligent management functions can efficiently reduce the backlog of in-store inventory, reduce costs, and solve problems such as out-of-store in-store operations and difficulty for customers to find medicine. At the same time, it can enable online and offline sales of drugs, increase the flow of pharmacies, so that the dynamic sales rate of drugs cam be increased.

Member marketing management

The importance of member management has been mentioned in our previous post: How To Start And Run A Profitable Drugstore. Members loyalty is a key indicator of successful pharmacy management. The Management team should be aleo to conduct statistics calculation on member activities to continually adjust marketing strategy for member marketing, and to find out the most commonly used medicines by members, and send information of marketing activities to members. Drugstores can also recommend medical products to members to increase the sales.

Easy migration of data from existing software

If a pharmacy has been operating for a long time, it will use some kind of ERP system. If the new software cannot be import data from the old one, it will be time-consuming and laborious to manually enter old information.

System upgrade and after-sales service

Due to the continuous updating of pharmaceutical policies, pharmacy software also needs to be continuously upgraded to meet the relevant policy requirements. If the software can be upgraded and subsequent services are free, it will save a lot of administrative expenses for the pharmacy.

Secondary development service to meet customized requirements

During the operation of pharmacies, some pharmacy operators may need some special functions, but the existing functions of the software cannot be adjust to deal with busines needs. This requires the software developer to conduct secondary development.

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