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Who is REAL customer for your drugstore, Get and keep them with you

Everyone who consumes in a pharmacy is a consumer, but not necessarily a real consumer. Why do you say that?


Who is the real consumer?

I believe that many people have the experience of buying medicines in pharmacies in the past. They basically buy emergency medicines such as cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, and band-aid. The frequency of going to pharmacies throughout the year is very low. For pharmacies, these people can’t make much money in their business. The real money is for those with chronic diseases, that is, the real consumers of pharmacies.


How to retain real consumers?

People with chronic diseases need to take certain drugs for a long time, so they often go to pharmacies to consume. If they can keep these patients and let them come to your store every time to buy drugs, the profits of pharmacies will be considerable. Here are several ways to increase customer loyalty:

  • Key points:
    • Membership. Issue membership cards and formulate a point reward system, use membership points to deduct cash or exchange medicines
    • Give free lectures and health seminars. Hiring a doctor or people in the health industry to spread latest knowledge. Some pharmaceutical companies are very happy to do this kind of activity for free.
    • FaS method. A lot of drugstores will get a marketing machine in front of their stores. A marketing machine is something like this: Micro Elements And Osteoporosis Diagnosis Machine They deliver results on human health so that you can introduce products to them. We call this FaS methond: Free testing as a Service.
    • Make customers surprised. Sending some health and wellness books to chronic disease members and calling elder member to check how they are doing from time to time. There are many ways to establish a good relationship and increase Customer stickiness allows customers to choose you.


Opening a pharmacy is a good business, but everything is difficult at the beginning. It is inevitable that the business is not good at the beginning of the store. At this time, as the operator should not be discouraged, but to spend more time to think about where the problem is. Or the management method in the later stage is wrong, as long as you find the crux of the problem and apply the right medicine, you can definitely solve it. Combining the above strategies with your actual situation and continuously improving, I believe it will definitely create more revenue for your pharmacy.

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