Henna for mehendi tuba golecha DeeZee magic “brown”


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Henna for mehendi tuba golecha DeeZee magic “brown”

Henna golecha brown shadeProfessional factory mix, with all necessary components, fully ready for drawing patterns on the body.


Does not contain allergens such as PFDA (PPD). No burns, no allergies. You can use children, pregnant women and people with sensitive skin. Quickly leaves color on the skin. Dries 30-40 minutes.

The consistency is jelly-shaped, does not spread, easily extrudes, does not clog.

The drawing of such henna will last on the skin from 4 to 10 days. It all depends on the type of skin, place of application, and care for the pattern.

Application technique
Before drawing, you need to carefully mix the contents of the cone, pressing your finger from different sides within 3 minutes.

Place the drawing to wash any scrub to get rid of aging skin cells or wash with soap, to skim the body for a better result.

Oil with this henna is not used.


The pattern is better to dry out under natural conditions.

Remove dried henna paste better, not earlier than 1-3 hours. The longer, the better.

We remove henna’s dried paste slowly, helping ourselves with a nail, or toothpick. If the paste does not want to fall off, you can wipe these places with vegetable oil. Do not wash off with water! From the water will have to “refuse” at least 3-4 hours. Henna must be oxidized.

Be careful when touching the pattern with other parts of the body, (for example during sleep) may remain a print.

How to save the picture for a long time:

Before bathing, taking a bath, shower or other water procedures wipe the pattern with any oil of plant origin.

Try to always moisturize the skin with a pattern, especially at night.

Do not use mineral oil products such as Vaseline, baby oil or tanning products.

Do not rub the drawing. Frequent washing, especially with soap, friction of clothes or shoes-all this contributes to a faster disappearance of the picture.

Do not make hair removal and do not shave this part of the body after drawing.

Also try to reduce the visit to the pool, as chlorine has a bad effect on the skin, which means on the picture, in general.

The dishes should be washed only in gloves.

If you observe these rules, your drawing will last as long as possible!


Open tube store in the refrigerator.

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