Henna for mehendi cone golecha “golden”


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Weigth: 25 gr.

Henna for mehendi cone golecha Gold series “golden”

Gold hennaFor mehendi on an acrylic basis is completely safe and does not cause allergic reactions. Lies on the skin with a thin layer. It is a paste mass completely ready for use. With the help of cone-shaped packaging, it is very convenient to apply the pattern. Keeps on the body up to 2 days. If desired, the pattern can be washed with warm water with soap and urine.

The drawing, made by this henna, dries for 20-30 minutes, does not stick and does not spread. Перламутровая the texture makes the paint iridescent, due to this, the picture looks more beautiful and larger. Glitter henna is used for temporary body decoration at various events such as weddings, parties, birthdays, ceremonies, photo sessions, etc.


The place where the drawing will be applied needs to be pre-skimmed.
Cut the tip of the cone to make a hole of the required diameter.

The consistency of henna allows you to make thin and elegant lines. The application process itself can be performed both by hand and using a stencil.

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